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A Full Plate

5 Nov

A Full Plate is probably one of my favorite veggie-friendly restaurants in the city. It is located in Northern Liberties but sadly they are closing come March. The good news though is they are opening a new restaurant in Fishtown called Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen. I wanted to post this now though to encourage everyone to go to A Full Plate while they still can just in case the menu changes when they move.

The best time to go is for brunch on Saturday and Sundays. They have an amazing brunch menu. My favorite is the Granola French Toast which is vegan. I love the different take on the french toast with the granola, it really adds something to it.  Plus you get a side of breakfast potatoes that are so good! They are a mixture of regular and sweet potatoes and they add some spices to them for flavor (they aren’t spicy in a hot way though). To be fair some people have tried the vegan french toast and told me that they thought it was dry.  It is definitely more dry than the traditional french toast that your mom probably made as a kid, but it isn’t so dry that you can’t eat it.

Another great brunch item is the daily pancakes. They have a new pancake every weekend and they are always whole wheat and vegan. The have a lot of interesting combos such as lemon & basil and they never seem to disappoint. Your non-vegan friends will never even know these are vegan. They aren’t dry and taste exactly like regular pancakes.

Last but not least I’d recommend the Fried Egg BLT. You can order it with either tempeh or turkey bacon. Clearly, I have only ever had the tempeh. The tempeh here is REALLY good. It is super thick and very tasty. This sandwich is HUGE. Honestly I have a really hard time taking bites out of it. They use very thick cut bread, two fried eggs, three thick slices of tempeh, and then all the fixings. I ask for one egg just because it makes it a little smaller and I feel like two fried eggs is a bit more egg than I personally need.  The BLT also comes with breakfast potatoes (or chips if you order it at dinner time).

Brunch is the best time to go, but dinner is still a decent meal. If you’re going for dinner you can still get the Fried Egg BLT or you can try the Vegetarian Riblet sandwich. This sandwich is pretty tasty. It comes on a kaiser type roll, has veggie pulled pork, and a coleslaw topping. You can order it with cheese if you’re not vegan and I would definitely recommend that. I haven’t ventured much further than the sandwiches for dinner, but I have tried bites of other people’s dinners and everything was good (especially the mac n cheese).

Sorry I don’t have pictures of any of the food for this one, I wanted to get this up ASAP considering the time sensitive nature. If I go there this weekend I will take some pics and add them.

So please go check them out before they close! And be assured that as soon as Cedar Point opens I will be there and let everyone know how it is. 🙂

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