Good Dog Bar

4 Jan

Hello fellow veggies and/or food lovers!

Sorry I have been M.I.A. for a while, but with the holidays I was forced to go to a lot of crappy restaurants with family that weren’t worth blogging about.

This post is about Good Dog Bar located on 15th Street downtown. I actually went here in December, but didn’t have time to post until now.

If you’ve never been to Good Dog it is a cool spot. Kind of like a dive bar, but not too dirty/divey if that makes sense. The place has three floors. The first floor is the main bar and there are a few booths as well. Second floor has tables for dining. Third floor has a pool table, a couple of arcade games and a dart board. The third floor is a cool spot to hang out and have a drink or wait for your table. All three floors are decorated with black and white photos of you guessed it…dogs.

They have a decent amount of vegetarian options here and at least two items that are vegan or can be made vegan. Good Dog is famous for their burgers (mainly the meat ones though) so I opted to try the Grilled Veggie Burger. Below is the description from the menu and a picture of the meal:

roasted eggplant, mushrooms, lentils, brown rice, cumin, cilantro & scallions topped with curried mayo, lettuce, tomato & beet chips, served on a whole wheat roll *vegan w/o mayo. 


So how did it taste?  Well if I was working on a five star scale I would give it about a three to three and a half.  The taste was great. It had a good mix of flavors. I really liked the mayo, and the addition of beet chips was an interesting and tasty idea. However, the texture was weird, everything seemed VERY CHEWY. The beet chips and the fries were both super rubbery, and the bun was so thick that I wished I had shark teeth to tear through it.  I would say that maybe things had been sitting out for a while, but I went on a Saturday night at prime dinner time and there was a wait, so I don’t think that was the case.

Overall I liked the atmosphere and the burger had promise so I definitely think it is worth another try. Maybe they were just having an off night or something. Our waiter said the vegan sloppy joe was also really good, so I think I  will try that next time.


A Full Plate

5 Nov

A Full Plate is probably one of my favorite veggie-friendly restaurants in the city. It is located in Northern Liberties but sadly they are closing come March. The good news though is they are opening a new restaurant in Fishtown called Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen. I wanted to post this now though to encourage everyone to go to A Full Plate while they still can just in case the menu changes when they move.

The best time to go is for brunch on Saturday and Sundays. They have an amazing brunch menu. My favorite is the Granola French Toast which is vegan. I love the different take on the french toast with the granola, it really adds something to it.  Plus you get a side of breakfast potatoes that are so good! They are a mixture of regular and sweet potatoes and they add some spices to them for flavor (they aren’t spicy in a hot way though). To be fair some people have tried the vegan french toast and told me that they thought it was dry.  It is definitely more dry than the traditional french toast that your mom probably made as a kid, but it isn’t so dry that you can’t eat it.

Another great brunch item is the daily pancakes. They have a new pancake every weekend and they are always whole wheat and vegan. The have a lot of interesting combos such as lemon & basil and they never seem to disappoint. Your non-vegan friends will never even know these are vegan. They aren’t dry and taste exactly like regular pancakes.

Last but not least I’d recommend the Fried Egg BLT. You can order it with either tempeh or turkey bacon. Clearly, I have only ever had the tempeh. The tempeh here is REALLY good. It is super thick and very tasty. This sandwich is HUGE. Honestly I have a really hard time taking bites out of it. They use very thick cut bread, two fried eggs, three thick slices of tempeh, and then all the fixings. I ask for one egg just because it makes it a little smaller and I feel like two fried eggs is a bit more egg than I personally need.  The BLT also comes with breakfast potatoes (or chips if you order it at dinner time).

Brunch is the best time to go, but dinner is still a decent meal. If you’re going for dinner you can still get the Fried Egg BLT or you can try the Vegetarian Riblet sandwich. This sandwich is pretty tasty. It comes on a kaiser type roll, has veggie pulled pork, and a coleslaw topping. You can order it with cheese if you’re not vegan and I would definitely recommend that. I haven’t ventured much further than the sandwiches for dinner, but I have tried bites of other people’s dinners and everything was good (especially the mac n cheese).

Sorry I don’t have pictures of any of the food for this one, I wanted to get this up ASAP considering the time sensitive nature. If I go there this weekend I will take some pics and add them.

So please go check them out before they close! And be assured that as soon as Cedar Point opens I will be there and let everyone know how it is. 🙂

Philadelphia Vegetarian Social Club Meetup Group

31 Oct

This is a meetup group I belong to in the area. We host about 2-5 events a month. We have a great group of people and eat a lot of good food too. If you’re a veggie in the area then you should definitely check it out. Meat eaters curious about vegetarian eating are also welcome.


29 Oct

I figured there is no better way to start this blog than with a review of one of Philadelphia’s newest and most popular vegan restaurants.  I went to Vedge in the first week of October. My expectations were high. I had heard so many great things about this place, including that the head chef cooked for Bill Clinton recently. Maybe my expectations were too high, because I have to say I wasn’t that impressed.

Here are a couple of things to know about Vedge before you go. First, it is an all vegan restaurant. Second, it is tapas (small plates) and it isn’t cheap. I don’t mind spending money on good food but just want to warn people out there. If you plan on ordering dessert you can expect to pay about $60 a person, add wine to the mix and you are looking at about $80 or more per person.

Now for the food. I ordered 3 tapas. Reviews of each below:

1) wood grilled sweet potato paté, grain mustard, jerk cashews, toast – looked like peanut butter when it came out. They gave you two small pieces of toast to eat it on. Lacked flavor. Was very unimpressed with this item.

2) salt roasted gold beets, avocado, smoked tofu, rye, capers, creamy cucumber – not as bad as the sweet potato pate, but still wasn’t that great, again I felt like it lacked flavor.

3) autumn squash pierogies, chanterelles, madeira, hazelnut picada (in photo) – I couldn’t even finish these. They tasted like burnt butter, which I know they don’t use, so not sure what it was.

So yea you could say I wasn’t a fan of the food. The dessert, however, was AMAZING!!! I got the sticky butter toffee with pumpkin ice cream. It was to die for. I could have eaten 10 of those and skipped all the rest.

In all fairness to Vedge I was there with 11 other people and they all loved their food and said it was amazing (they did agree though that what I ordered was not so good). So I think I just ordered the wrong items. Everyone loved the tofu, seitan, and a mushroom course that was on the daily specials.

Be warned that service is slow. We were there for about 3 hours, but there was 12 of us total. I still wouldn’t suggest trying to go before a show or other appointment though.

In conclusion, I think I need to try Vedge again. I was not impressed, but how can so many other veggies be wrong? I will try it again in the spring (they switch their menu up seasonally) and re-review when I do.


Hello Philadelphia Vegetarians & Vegans

29 Oct

Good Morning everyone! I’ve been wanting to start this blog for over a year now, but haven’t gotten around to it. Thanks to Hurricane Sandy I have a day off from work so I figured no better time than now. I have been a vegetarian for a little over 10 years now and try to eat vegan whenever I can. I’ve lived in this wonderful city of Philadelphia for almost as long. I went to school at La Salle, then moved downtown to 15th and Locust, and now reside in good ole’ Northern Liberties. I LOVE to eat out and I thought maybe I could share my wealth of knowledge with some other veggies via this blog. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please let me know. Hope everyone finds this enjoyable and informative. 🙂 Thanks!


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